DataBroker DAO’s IoT Sensor Data Marketplace Launches

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DataBroker DAO, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) blockchain startup, has formally launched its decentralized IoT marketplace, priming its opportunity ahead of several international expositions scheduled for this year.

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Making Good on Their Word

While startups struggle to meet self-imposed deadlines and make good on promises to stakeholders, DataBroker DAO continues to make solid progress on theirs, establishing the its success on a track record of steady deliverables. It is itself a proof of concept (PoC) of Settlemint, an emerging firm specializing in blockchain solutions for all sizes.

Many a startup has failed to move on from the conceptual stage, ideas, or even step beyond token generation events, demonstrating the ultra-competitive blockchain industry, with many more producing initial products that don’t meet expectations.

DataBroker DAO continues to break that pattern, steadily overcoming every challenge thrown its way to meet and surpass milestones in its development roadmap, now encompassed in its launch of an IoT sensor data marketplace.

While its native DTX token sale was extended to June 30th, and still falling some distance from its target of 108 million DTX sale, this did not prevent the company from going ahead with developments. This is evidenced by its new strategic partnerships, while continuously engaging with states and global communities to discover more areas of need where its solution can have beneficial impacts.

A Platform Ready to Test the Real World

As a platform that connects individuals to industries and businesses of all types, participants can sell IoT sensor data or purchase data they need.

Peter-Jan Brone, a developer for DataBroker DAO, has published a tech talk that breaks down the platform in great detail. This will help make sense with the multiple sectors and use cases already identified by DataBroker DAO, who firmly believes the platform can drive scientific breakthroughs.

Global Outreach

Having attended the Smart Island World Congress earlier in the year, DataBroker DAO connected with international experts keen to hold dialogue over the unique challenges faced by island nations, discussing possible transformative solutions.

The next significant event for the team is the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from November 13th to 15th, 2018. This massive event expects tens of thousands of attendees listening to hundreds of speakers and exhibitors, and DataBroker DAO will be there, at the landers Investment and Trade (FIT) booth at the Fira de Barcelona, networking and advocating for the improvement of urban life via smart technologies.

Smart Tech, Smart Future

Many experts now believe IoT technology to be a catalyst for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a modern age that is almost upon us and one that many nations like China are preparing for, with Chinese expertise leading the world in IoT sensor data and hardware.

It is this market that DataBroker DAO hopes to leverage, taking advantage of a predicted outperformance of GDP by Chinese IoT tech that is expected to grow 20% to 30% by 2020, valued at around $80 billion.

To learn more, visit the DataBroker DAO Official Site or read their official whitepaper. Follow the latest with them on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium.

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