BitKan Bi-Weekly Update: K Site Influence Continues to Grow, and More

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BitKan has released its bi-weekly report for the first half of September on the KAN Project and K Site crypto community information portal. There’s a bunch of new social features for K Site users, new reward rankings for the “DT42” community mentor campaign, a new BitKan website, and more. Read on…

K Site Updates

BitKan is happy to welcome two popular Chinese crypto community identities to K Site to share their latest thoughts: angel investor Chandler Guo, and SAFE Foundation founder and developer Shentu Qingchun.

For all users, there’s a new reward mechanism to appreciate and discover quality content, the chance to post up to nine images on each “spark” (short message post), ability to create new tags, and an optimized newsfeed.

BitKan has also completed user surveys, after receiving thousands of responses. This will help the company better determine what information cryptocurrency investors need to make better decisions.

New ‘DT42’ Mentors Selected

The DT42 mentorship program (named after the famous fictional “Deep Thought” computer and its most famous quote) has finished its second selection round, choosing the latest list of community influencers who will receive paid rewards for sharing their opinions on K Site. Outstanding content creators are selected on a weekly basis.

Digital Mining Summits in Georgia and Hong Kong

In other news, BitKan also co-organized and participated in the World Blockchain Digital Mining Conference in Hong Kong, and would like to remind people that its major event — the World Digital Mining Summit — is coming up next week in Tbilisi, Georgia.

For more information on all these topics, please visit BitKan’s homepage, download the BitKan mobile app (needed to access K Site) and follow @BitKanOfficial on Twitter.

K Site logo & slogan

About K-Site and KAN Token

Launched in April 2018, “K Site” is BitKan’s richly-featured news, social and communications platform for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. It has interest groups, expert discussions, news, blog, and video content, as well as personal pages. Creators and group admins are free to charge fees for access in any currency or token they like. K Site is designed as an all-in-one portal that’s more welcoming to the crypto community than mainstream social networks.

KAN is K Site’s native token, where it is paid as rewards for popular content and as a currency for other services on the platform. It can also be traded on exchanges including Huobi Pro,, and OKEx.

About BitKan

BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become one of China’s leading providers of cryptocurrency data and services, with recent expansion into Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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