8base’s Albert Santalo on Faster, More Secure Blockchain Software Development

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“Software is at the heart of everything,” says Albert Santalo, CEO and founder of 8base, a cloud platform for software development that allows developers to incorporate blockchain-based capabilities into built applications. Santalo walked Bitsonline through how his company marries that message with blockchain tech.

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Toward Exponential Innovation


8base is a cloud platform designed to enable fast development of business software that integrates with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technologies. The platform aims to make software development accessible to non-developers, and by delivering on that vision, to actualize “an exponential effect on innovation in the world.”

To get the bigger picture on what 8base brings to the table, Bitsonline‘s George Levy met with Albert Santalo at the company’s headquarters in Miami, Florida.

‘An Area Where I’m Seeing Pain’

Santalo is a computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and former Chairman and CEO of CareCloud, a company he founded in 2009 focused on modernizing the healthcare industry with a cloud-based platform. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Avisena, a revenue cycle management company for physicians.

On why he started 8base, Santalo explained:

“This is my third company that I’ve started in the technology space. For me it usually starts with an area where I see pain and I see an opportunity to do it better.”

‘Tools for Citizen Developers’

The 8base App Builder is designed to deliver an easy-to-use development environment that “allows a user with minimal technical skills to build robust application software.”

Santalo added:

“Probably the best way to think about it is, if you’re familiar with WIX or Squarespace, they sort of solved this problem for websites. They made it so that if you’re starting a business and you want to build a website, you can just go out there as the entrepreneur yourself and build it. We believe that business software can track the same way.”

Notably, 8base is a member of the Hyperledger project, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and The Linux Foundation, as it seeks to facilitate development via any blockchain, public or private.

Would you be open to developing your own business software using an online platform such as 8base, rather than hiring developers to create it from scratch? Let us know in the comments.

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