John McAfee’s July fortune; Are the coins going to break the predictions?

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John McAfee is known for his price predictions and outspoken comments. Earlier in May, the former CEO of McAfee Inc. predicted prices for Bitcoin [BTC], Golem [GNT], EOS [EOS], Docademic [MTC], Bezop [BEZ] and Bitcoin Private [BTCP].

John McAfee's tweet | Source: Twitter

John McAfee’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Along with the tweet, McAfee attached an image indicating his price predictions, which stated:

“Bitcoin will surpass $15,000 in June. Will dip in July.
GNT [Golem] will surpass $5 by the end of July.
Docademic will hit $.73 by mid July.
Bezop will hit $0.52 by mid July.
Bitcoin Private will surpass $200 by the end of July.
EOS will hit $32 by the end of July.”

Source: Tradingview [BTC/USD]

According to McAfee’s tweet, Bitcoin prices were expected to rise up to $15,000 in June after which he predicted the prices to fall again. As observed, the highest price BTC reached in June was $7600. Although it did not hit the $15,000 mark, it did have a major fall. Bitcoin crashed to its lowest point in 2018 on June 29th.

On June 10th, a flash crash occurred where Bitcoin dropped to $7200 from $7600 in just under 2 hours. Almost all cryptocurrencies faced the same bearish run, as they dropped by 5%. Furthermore, on 23rd June, Bitcoin’s value dropped over $600 in 10 hours.

The coin was trading at the price of $5855 on 24th June. After fighting the resistance, Bitcoin broke the record again by falling to $5815. The market cap also fell below the $100 billion margin during the crash. Irrespective of all the deep pits Bitcoin fell into, it started to gain an upward momentum in July.

McAfee said that Bezop will reach $0.52 and Docademic will hit $0.73 by mid-July. During McAfee’s predictions, Bezop, ranked at #660 and was priced at $0.106. As observed, Bezop [BEZ]  is trading at $0.073 at the time of writing with a market cap of $4 million. It is currently experiencing a pump of 13.84% in the past 24 hours.

When McAfee predicted the prices of Docademic, it ranked #297 and its trading price was $0.144. At the time of press, Docademic [MTC] is ranked at #149 on CoinMarketCap. The coin is trading at the price of $0.22 and has a market cap of $48 million. The coin is currently facing a hike of over 39.91%. McAfee predicted that the price would reach $0.73 within the stipulated time period.

As of now, predictions of McAfee have not yet been met, even as the coins are 2 days away from hitting the mid-July timeline. Golem is expected to rise up to $5, gaining more than 4 times its value. EOS is speculated to bang the level of $32 by the end of July, with Bitcoin Private predicted to reach heights close to $200.

Golem [GNT] is currently trading at the price of $0.28, while EOS [EOS] is trading at $7.11.

When McAfee posted his predictions, the cryptocurrency influencer faced criticism and appreciation from Twitteratis as well as Redditors.

Venetian Coin, a Twitter user said:

“Stop lying please. People are losing money. Not funny.”

Rebecca, another Twitterati commented on McAfee’s prediction post, saying:

“I have a bag of Golem – took my last ETH and bought a bigger bag. Ty John. Let’s see what happens. I love this project”

Jiya42Jain, a Crypto enthusiast said:

“I betcha guyzz this man is crazy. Im buying MTC because of his predictions”

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