Bonus: Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Litecoin [LTC] now on Robinhood

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Robinhood, the US based cryptocurrency exchange is adding a lot of features to its hold with the latest feature being announced in a tweet on 12th July. The tweet confirmed that the platform will now allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Litecoin [LTC]. The wallet aims to expand its user base with this implementation.

Robinhood's Tweet | Source:Twitter

Robinhood’s Tweet | Source: Twitter

What makes Robinhood stand out from the rest is that cryptocurrency trading can be done by users with no overhead commission charges. The platform earns through the interest generated on customers’ cash balances and margin lending.

The company’s official blog states: “We’re working hard to make Robinhood Crypto available to everyone, and it’s currently available in 17 states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IN, MA, MI, MS, MO, MT, NJ, NM, PA, TX, UT, VA, and WI. We also plan to further expand our coin offerings and add support for coin transfers.”

The cut-throat competition in the cryptocurrency sphere in the United States is apparent with this latest addition being a prime example.

Nigel[DGB], a Twitter user commented:

“ Looking forward to $DGB getting added to @RobinhoodApp #DGB #DigiByte

PBJ, another user stated:

“#DigiByte is the perfect #cryptocurrency  its’s relative cheap to buy, it’s extremely fast and cheap to transfer fees $0.00001 , it has a high capped supply so people can afford to buy whole coins of #DGB , extremely secure and community/devs +Jared T. constantly making it better”

The majority of user opinion shows that Robinhood has grabbed the attention of a lot of people and is on its way to become a major player in the market. The platform is only available in 17 states in the US now with a lot of users from other states lamenting that fact.

Kirzeck Spliffz lamented saying:

“No I can’t. I live in Nevada. -_-“

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