Why XRP Ledger? Allvor [ALV] justifies choices

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Allvor, a cryptocurrency e-commerce company, recently revealed their reasons for choosing the XRP [XRP] Ledger for their operations. In a blog post yesterday, Allvor spoke about the superiority of the XRP Ledger for everyday transactions.

Allvor is known for being a proponent of the idea of the Internet of Value, similar to what Ripple is trying to achieve. They have their own token with the ticker symbol ALV, aiming to create tools that “enable the intercommunication between real-time gross settlement possibilities”. The ALV tokens are stored in XRP accounts and are interoperable with XRP wallets.

The company is in the pursuit of the Internet of Value, which allows for easy sending of money over the Internet like sending an email. They are in line with the philosophies propagated by Ripple contributing towards innovation in the payments space. They mentioned:

“The XRP Ledger makes it possible to perform real-time transactions that are perfect for consumer relations. No other technology has similar speed, security, and scalability.”

In their blog post, they spoke about the emergence of Ripple and the XRP Ledger, and how they aim to focus on a market that Ripple does not target. It is well-known that Ripple offers products for use in bank-to-bank cross-border transactions. Allvor aims to utilize the XRP Ledger for “commercial transactions between individuals”. They said:

“Due to its open nature, we, Allvor’s developers, see Ripple and its technology as the solution for a true popularization of the crypto-assets use in everyday transactions, which can range from purchases in electronic commerce to that coffee Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not able to quickly process.”

The reasons for them choosing the XRP Ledger were the “virtually instant transactions” and higher safety, along with scalability options and its continuous improvement. The XRP Ledger can conduct transactions in under 5 seconds due to its unique algorithm for reaching consensus. They also said:

“We also believe that the strong interest of Ripple’s community of developers and enthusiasts is a huge benefit to Allvor’s success.”

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