TRON [TRX] easy-to-trade token swap, partners up with BitFinex

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TRON has been garnering support from exchanges globally. In this week, TRON gained assistance from Binance, Max Exchange, CoinEgg and now BitFinex. BitFinex’s official account on Twitter tweeted:

“Bitfinex has completed the TRON (TRX) migration. Please generate a new deposit address and make sure all future withdrawals are sent to Mainnet wallet addresses. @Tronfoundation”

Harriett White, a Twitter user commented:

“Great news , now it should work normal. Thanks for updates.”

While Bonpilos, another Twitter user said:

“hahaha the scamers are trying to scam other scammers”

TRON is constructing a globally free content entertainment system. The team relies on utilizing Blockchain Technology in order to attain their goal. This protocol permits its customers to publish, store and own data without any fee.

The issuance, circulation, and trading of digital forms of resources through decentralized self-governance lays the foundation for the distribution and subscription of content.

This empowers content creators as well as forms a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem for the world.

Bitfinex on their official website also stated in detail:

“As the Tron (TRX) migration from ERC20 to its proprietary network has successfully been completed, it is important that all users create a new deposit address and ensure that all future withdrawals are sent to mainnet wallets.”

The month of June-July has been TRON’s month as it has accumulated supports from as many crypto-exchanges as it can. The co-founder of TRON, Justin Sun as well as the TRON Foundation team has incorporated the best exchanges and individuals on their team. With the events of token migration, blockchain upgrade, Super Representatives selection, Tronics and the 50 Billion token burn the coin had an eventful span.

Recently, Binance also, resumed trading of TRX20 tokens as they completed the token swap procedure. Till now TRON has partnered with more than 50 digital currency trading platforms, which includes Binance, Upbit, Zebpay, and Bittrex.

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