Elon Musk is Looking for Ethereum (ETH) Scambots

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A fake Twitter profile of SpaceX and Tesla founder was giving away Ethereum (ETH). Vitalik Buterin asked Twitter CEO to help them against crypto scams.

The recent scam is characterized by bot-armies that imitate famous personalities such as Elon Musk, in order to gain the trust of the followers. Such postings are usually visible alongside authentic posts on the celebrity official profile.

As can be seen, the bots use a real photo of the personality. Posts of this kind are focusing on giving users a chance to multiply their investments. In order not to be considered a scam, the program creates other fake bots that confirm the offer is real.

In this case, we can identify that it is a fake profile just by looking at its name, which in this case is @elionsmusks. If you decide to send cryptos for ID checks, you must know that your money will be lost. An important aspect is that real profile does not see ‘scam’ posts as bots block them.

Fake news or scam?

This is more fake news than a scam. In the second situation, everything is checked in detail in order to prevent from being identified. Note that celebrities do not stay rich thanks to giveaways organized on Twitter.

Impressive is the fact that the crypto community, including Elon Musk, did not get angry. He wrote on 8th July: “I want to know who is running the Etherium scambots! Mad skillz.”

And here comes Vitalik Buterin

In response to Musk’s answer, Vitalik Buterin – founder of Ethereum mentioned that Elon’s first ETH tweet focused on scammers rather than tech. He called for the help of Twitter CEO as well as the ETH community.

To help followers differentiate the real page with a fake one, Vitalik Buterin has added to his Twitter name “Not giving away ETH”.

In the past months, Twitter has blocked over 1 million fake profiles per day. Caring for user security increases as the number of scam attacks multiplies.

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