Bitcoin $BTC Technical Analysis: Three Bears

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Midweek Edition: 2018-07-11

In this edition we offer a roundup of the top ranked or popular bitcoin technical analyses – plus a NEW illustrated forecast.

Topping out the list are analyses from, NewsBTC and CoinInsider. Or jump right to today’s Bitcoin $ BTC Forecast. Analysis

View: bearish

workin2005 of reports “The digital currency is trading in a bearish direction in the configuration which strengthens the break of the support areas that we mentioned above and the ADX confirms this as well.”

NewsBTC Analysis

View: bearish

Aayush Jindal of NewsBTC prints “bitcoin is clearly in a bearish zone below $ 6,550 [and] at a risk of more declines”

CoinInsider Analysis

View: bearish

Graeme Tennant of CoinInsider propounds “Each breakout holds the promise that the Bitcoin bull of 2017 will return – however, as can be seen every rally has resulted in a lower high (LH). Furthermore, every down trend has resulted in a marginally lower low (LL) with respect to the daily close price. Only once we see a higher high and higher low on the daily chart will the current bear trend be invalidated – this appears to be a long way off!”

Bitcoin $ BTC Forecast

on Wednesday 11th of July 2018 01:07 PM UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bearish/bearish/bearish/”.

The analysts at CoinDesk, and FXStreet were all dead wrong on Monday. Accordingly we turn to fresh minds today. Their collective vision is bearish.

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