Tron [TRX] has the best wallpapers in store! Justin Sun unveils 15 wallpapers!

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While Justin Sun has been the most favorite among the many crypto names, and he has earned a lot of fan following for his constant updates on Twitter. He is also making sure he leaves no stone unturned to capture the hodlers attention towards Tron.

Today, he took to Twitter to unveil the wallpapers featuring Tron’s logo and have come out with a total of 13 wallpapers on Medium.

Justin Sun's Tweet | Source: Twitter

Justin Sun’s Tweet | Source: Twitter

This idea was brought as they were receiving a lot of praises from their community members for their official posters, through the social media platforms. Community members or the Tronics, as they are referred to by Justin Sun, had left messages with Tron posters saved, along with requests to obtain more elegant patterns without original text to be used as mobile wallpapers.

Tron Foundation mentions:

“Just like the posters of count down before the mainnet launch produced by TRON The posters combined history with future. Such is the perfect combination of classical and modern.”

Tron foundation calls it “a visual feast” and that Tron just not just concentrates on updating their community members with important information and announcements, but also considers giving out visual treats.

American Supps Inc, a Twitter user commented:

“this should be the next standard Windows background picture.”

Alexander Nickolai, a Twitter user commented:

“Whats your Plans with Torrent? And the 3 Boutique Exchanges?.”

Shino, a Twitter user commented:

 “Hello. Justin If you come to Japan, please do your best job because I will treat yakitori, Please call me once in a while. I always support the TRX”

Tron launched its mainnet on May 31st and is set to have its token migration on June 21st, with the first 27 Super Representative elections date set to June 26th.

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