iExec Blockchain-Based Decentralized Cloud Marketplace is Live Now

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iExec Blockchain-Based Decentralized Cloud Marketplace is Live Now

While there are quite many cloud services in the blockchain space today, iExec has succeeded in launching a first-of-its-kind decentralized cloud marketplace.

With the iExec decentralized cloud marketplace, users will be able to trade computing power on a dedicated market.

Reputable firms in the cloud computing industry such as TFCloud, Stimergy, Cloud&Heat and Nerdalize have expressed interest in the iExec platform.

The decentralized cloud marketplace is based on the Proof-of-Contribution algorithm. It audits all transactions between buyers and sellers and listens to all off-chain computations and verifies them in real-time.

The iExec system makes it easy for app developers to have access to cost-efficient, highly secure and scalable computing power whenever they need it.

In this super fast age of technology, iExec is determined to create a balance between demand and supply in the cloud computing sector.

The iExec decentralized cloud computing marketplace is a paradigm shift from the regular. The system offers users a huge capacity of computing power at the cheapest rate on the market, thanks to its decentralized nature.

Sellers of computing power set their prices in the marketplace, and the good thing about the platform is that iExec charges zero fees, making life easy for both buyers and sellers.
The iExec decentralized cloud marketplace is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, and the RLC token is the native crypto of the platform. It facilitates payments on the platform.

Earning RLC tokens

In the iExec marketplace, users who need computing power are required to place work orders while cloud providers place sell orders, with the price of their computations clearly stated.

As stated earlier some cloud computing firms have already expressed interest in the iExec system and they will be the first workers on the platform after a successful launch.
As time goes on many other providers will be able to join the platform, after that, members of the public will be able to join the platform and earn RLC token.

Notably, at the recently concluded Blockshow event in Berlin, the iExec team revealed some of the excellent features of the platform, including public and private worker pools, a scheduler per pool to manage and organize machine contributions, and more.

iExec is also conducting a Cybersecurity research program. The first result of the research was presented at the recently concluded Consensus 2018 in New York.
Also, Ubisoft is currently accelerating the iExec platform at Station F in Paris.
The team has also said that they will organize a “Worker Contest” to celebrate its successful deployment. RLC tokens will be given to the pioneers on its platform.

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