Binance Coin [BNB] on top – Fundstrat Market Strategies enter crypto market

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Quantitative data analyst, Ken Xuan of Fundstrat tweeted the launch of Fundstrat Weekly, also known as Benchmark Crypto Performance. In his tweet, Xuan posted 3 charts showing analysis of sector/size, relative performance, and correlations through indices and graphs. Fundstrat Weekly is simply a weekly report [released every Monday] to elaborately analyze the world of cryptocurrencies and deliver a detailed cryptocurrency market study. The entire strategy is developed by Ken Xuan himself.

Ken Xuan's tweet | Source: Twitter

Ken Xuan’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The Benchmark Crypto Indices are created to divide the crypto market based on capsizes and sectors. The size includes FS CryptoFX 10 [large-cap], FS CryptoFX 40 [mid-cap], FS CryptoFX 250 [small-cap], and suchlike, while the sectors include Commodities, Platforms, Exchanges, Privacy, and Stable Coins.

Here is an overview of the current analysis.

The report will also rank the top 50 cryptocurrencies in a section called State of Tokens. There are certain parameters that decide the position of a coin on the index, such as the coin’s monthly performance combined with its relative index, also known as RSI.

Other parameters involved are 90 Day Win-Loss Ratio, Relative Price to 21 Day Moving Average [DMA], Relative Price to 50 Day Moving Average [DMA], 5 Day Return, 10 Day Return, and 21 vs 40 Day Moving Average [DMA].

In its first ranking, Binance’s native coin BNB was impressively on top. None of the big cryptocurrencies made it to the top three; however, Ripple managed to fall in the 4th place. Other big coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron were ranked 10th, 14th, 16th, 42nd, respectively.

Steve, a crypto strategist tweeted a reply, saying:

“so generous to share quality research such as this with the twittersphere . once again @fundstrat offers great value to crypto community.”

Siamak Masnavi, a veteran blockchain writer commented:

“Ken, you have done an amazing job with this report! Well done!”

Another crypto nerd, Exploding Crypton was found tweeting:

“Best performing index being the Stable Coin index feels right.”

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