Trust Management Platform Membrana Paves the Way for Success While Minimizing Risks

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Flash mob #winoverloss, which was held on Twitter in early May, caused a strong resonance in the cryptocurrency community. Many well-known traders remembered how they started and gladly shared their own experiences, which led to success.

According to the idea of the Membrana team, the real experience of successful players, presented in the form of flash mob, will help beginners of the crypto world to understand that there is no reason to fear defeat – only a persistent progress forward gives a successful result.

CEO of the Membrana platform Evgeny Buyev is explaining that the team’s goal is to reduce the monetary losses of traders and investors:

“We launched this flash mob to remind – the cryptocurrency carries a lot of risks. Our platform solves the problems faced by traders and investors on the way to earnings. We see our mission in minimizing the risks for the participants of the crypto world.”

Idea Behind the Platform

The development of blockchain technology has triggered the emergence of a huge number of crypto currencies and the mass of exchanges trading in new types of assets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum token, etc.

The exchanges allow to make exchange transactions and earn on courses between currency pairs. Traders use different trading strategies and profit through exchange rate changes. The yield of some traders reaches hundreds and even thousands of percent per year.

Indeed, the modern market of crypto currency has great risks. This feature has become the reason for the emergence of a trust asset management area, where investors trust their funds to successful traders to generate revenue. It is the positive experience and authority of traders that allows investors to minimize risks.

Membrana, an actively growing cryptocurrency platform, helps traders and investors conclude mutually beneficial and secure contracts for the trust management of crypto currency assets. Membrana is a decentralized, transparent system with a high degree of protection, which gives both parties the ability to monitor the process of concluding and executing a contract up to profit.

The unique algorithm implemented by the platform team makes it possible to exclude the need for intermediaries—guarantors of the fulfillment of contract terms and safety of funds. Membrana’s participants are protected from the danger of transferring their funds to third parties. Transparency of the system allows you to get full information about the trader, to study his qualifications, etc. Using a single interface, the Membranes can be traded on several exchanges at the same time.

Advantages the Platform Offers

Membrana platform brings true variety of advantages for both: traders and investors. First ones, among other things, benefit from attraction of funds; a trading terminal with the ability to work on several exchanges at the same time; participation in professional ratings; application of smart contracts, in which the terms of the transaction are fixed; ability to use even a smartphone for trading, etc. 

Investors, in their turn, take advantage of security and transparency; guarantee of saving funds on their own account until the transaction is completed; access to the ratings of traders and the choice; free choice of settlement currency (not only BTC and ETH, but also USD); convenient multitasking interface, and others.

Having already earned the trust of investors, advisers and partners, Membrana has partnered with Zeus Exchange, Hacken, Toshi, Trust Wallet, Ingvarr and Cipher, with Marie-Noel Nsana, vice president of the City Bank, as one of the project’s advisers. It also recently announced the launch of the Global Traders’ Contest with a prize fund of $ 100,000 and a generous starting $100 for each participant.

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