The World’s First Bitcoin Lotto

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Apparently the proceeds were used to part fund work on the Great Wall of China, so it can certainly be said to have had a lasting impact. Fortunately, it’s only taken another couple of thousand years for Lottoland to come up with a new kind of lottery, one offering the most talked-about cryptocurrency in the world as a prize.

The world’s first Bitcoin Lotto was launched in December 2017 and proved to be an instant hit with players. For a lot of people, the dream of buying their own bitcoin is out of reach, so a lotto where you can enter for a couple of dollars with a shot at winning thousands of bitcoins is quite an attraction.

In fact, within a couple of weeks of its launch, the Bitcoin Lotto was awarding a prize to its first bit winner: Ivana from Germany. Bitcoin hardly stayed out of the news for the latter half of 2017 as it increased in value by a dizzying extent over the course of the year. The currency has since dropped off from that peak and has remained (relatively) steady at around the $10,000 mark since February.

Just five bucks gives you a shot at the main prize, which in this case is a maximum jackpot that starts at 1,000 BTC and keeps rising until that jackpot is claimed.

You can play online with Lottoland by signing up with the site. Select 6 numbers out of 49 and if you match them all you take away the top prize. 5 correct numbers mean that you win one bitcoin (or equivalent value in your currency) and there are cash prizes for as few as 2 numbers matched correctly.

In fact the Bitcoin Lotto gives odds of 1 in 7 that you win a prize, which compares very favorably to a lottery like Mega Millions where you’ve got a 1 in 24 shot at a cash prize.

There have been other attempts to launch lotteries with Bitcoins as prizes, but many of these have been shady to say the least. Lottoland’s Bitcoin Lotto has the not inconsiderable advantaged of being fully licensed and regulated, making it a better bet than the rest!

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